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Whether you have paper health records, an electronic health record (EHR) system or a hybrid environment, we can help streamline your process and organizational needs with our flexible solutions.

Service Plans
  1. On-site MROI
    With our Release Of Information (ROI) Service, our HIPAA-certified staff can manage the entire ROI process including the handling of requests from patients, third parties, government agencies, insurance audit reviews and other providers. • Retain revenue by eliminating staff, equipment, office supplies and postage costs associated with ROI • Reduce liability of breaches and penalties associated with the ROI process • Enhance your workflow by focusing on health care while allowing MROI to take care of your health record requests totalMROI This is MROI’s full service staffing solution. Our staff will work on-site to manage the ROI process. The tasks included are customer service, processing all health record requests, the use of our tracking and disclosure reporting software (eMROIlog), invoicing and collections. basicMROI This solution allows your practice to maintain control of front-end processes and includes the use of our tracking and disclosure reporting software (eMROIlog). We take it from there. MROI staff handles the document capturing of records, invoicing and collections. Different responsibilities will be assumed by MROI depending on your needs.
  2. RemoteMROI
    This service option is handled remotely by a dedicated MROI staff member. With secure read-only access, we review your EHR request queue (or respond to fax requests) on a daily basis from our centralized processing center and then begin the ROI process with industry-leading turnaround time. Let our HIPAA certified MROI specialists handle the document capturing of records while conducting proven quality checks, manage the entire invoicing, printing, mailing and collection process. Your staff and clients can use our call center for customer service support. • Free up resources- Reallocate staff and office space while reducing the printing and mailing costs associated with fulfilling health record requests • Eliminate the training of your staff on the complexities of ROI and HIPAA compliance • Increase requestor satisfaction- The daily processing of requests significantly reduces the time requestors wait to receive their records • Increase security- enhanced patient record confidentiality with MROI’s
  3. MROI for the Business Office
    MROI staff manages the requests and fulfillment of itemized bills in addition to the medical record requests through our centralized ROI processing center. • Reduce the risk of breaches with a proven ROI process • Refocus your billing staff on filing claims